About us

When they go low, we go high

At The Grass Company, we're all equal, whether you're a lawyer, a constructon worker, a student or the president. That's why our coffeeshop is the meeting place for countless kinds of people.

Hi Brabant!

The Grass Company has four locations in North Brabant, which is why we call ourselves the most accessible coffeeshop in the Netherlands. We are no-nonsense and Burgundian. Set the mood as you see it: let it all hang out, or keep it down-to-earth.

The Grass is truly greener over here

Come in. Grab a seat. Vibe. Refresh. Chill. Hang out. Whatever you prefer to call it, this is the place to do it. Play chess with a stranger, share a shake with your sweetheart, eat à la carte with friends or read a newspaper by your lonesome. Bury the hustle and relax. And experience how everything tastes and feels more intense down here.

Kom je langs?

If you're looking for high cuisine, you've come to the right place. We serve ridiculously juicy burgers, healthy smoothies and everything delicious in between. Our menu offers first aid for dinner and cravings.


Some good and green advice

Cannabis is a great product as long as you mix it with common sense. We don't care whether you're an experienced smoker or a curious first-timr. You're welcome, and we're happy to show you the ropes in terms of strength, taste and effect. With our honest advice, you can relax to the max.